Whether you are thinking about buying a touring caravan and want to get a feel for what’s involved, or you’re about to set out on your first caravanning adventure, there is plenty to prepare. To help you avoid information overload and ensure you don’t forget anything, you can refer to our useful caravan checklists to jot down the key items you’ll need to take with you, the important checks you’ll need to make ahead of your journey and the list of caravan spares you might like to keep close at hand just in case.  

Caravan Checklist: what to take with you 

Firstly there are the caravan essentials, without which your trip simply can’t function: 

  • Large water container (also known as the Aquaroll) 
  • Waste water container 
  • Gas bottle and regulator 
  • Hitch lock and hitch cover 
  • Wheel clamps 
  • Toilet chemicals – blue fluid to break down waste and mask unpleasant smells and pink fluid to keep the water in the flush tank fresh 
  • Mains lead and adaptor 
  • Caravan battery 
  • Awning and awning accessories 
  • Spare tyre and pump 
  • Corner steady winder 

Then, there are the day-to-day essentials, items of furniture and kitchen equipment that you’ll need to make your stay more comfortable: 

  • Clothing 
  • Coats and outerwear 
  • Shoes, sandals, boots and slippers 
  • Toiletries 
  • Plastic plates, bowls and cups 
  • Cutlery 
  • Kettle and toaster 
  • Bin bags 
  • Chopping board
  • Towels and beach towels if you’re heading to the coast 
  • Bedding – including pillows, duvets, sheets and duvet covers 
  • Cleaning kit – including washing up liquid, soap, sponges and cloths, dusters, polish, antibacterial spray or wipes and kitchen roll. 
  • Toilet roll – make sure you get the brands that have been specifically designed for caravan use 
  • Pots and pans 
  • Scissors 
  • Matches 
  • Suncream 
  • Steps – to enable you to safely exit and enter the caravan 
  • Dog accessories, dog bed and food – if you are bringing your furry friend 
  • Games 
  • Chairs and tables for outdoor or awning use 

And, of course, the gadgetry and electronic devices that none of us can live without: 

  • Television 
  • Tablets and phones 
  • Laptops – if you use one or are planning on working during your trip 
  • Chargers for all your electronic devices 
  • Games consoles, handheld gaming devices, portable DVD players or anything else you resort to to keep the kids entertained! 

Caravan Checklist: what to check before you set off 

Before you hit the road, there are a few important checks you need to make to ensure that your journey is safe and enjoyable. These include: 

  • Switch off the gas and make sure the cylinder is secured and stored upright 
  • Ensure fresh and waste water containers are empty 
  • Check caravan windows and rooflights are closed 
  • Put everything away inside the cupboards and secure them 
  • Check the nose weight is at its optimum – check your handbook for more info on this 
  • Lock the external door 
  • Set your 12V control panel to ‘Car’ or ‘Off’ and do likewise for the fridge 
  • Disengage your motor mover 
  • Check the hitch mechanism is fully engaged 
  • Wind up the jockey wheel 
  • Make sure the breakaway cable is attached 
  • Check the 12V cables are connected 
  • Check your road lights are working 
  • Check towing mirrors are fixed and in the right position 
  • Before you set off, make sure the caravan handbrake is fully released 

Caravan Checklist: what to do when you get to your destination 

After what we hope has been a smooth and pleasant journey, you’ll be excited to get inside your caravan and start enjoying your holiday, but before you can, there are a few things you’ll need to do: 

  • Position your caravan on your pitch  
  • Apply the handbrake and chock the wheels if you’re on a slope 
  • Lower the jockey wheel and secure in position 
  • Disconnect the breakaway cable and electrical plugs 
  • Raise the caravan hitch from the tow ball 
  • Move the car out of the way 
  • Use the jockey wheel to make sure the caravan is level 
  • Lower the corner steadies 

Once the caravan is in position, it’s time to connect the mains cable, collect fresh water, add toilet fluids and turn on the gas. 

Caravan spares and accessories – useful items you might like to pack 

We totally understand that when caravanning it’s important to travel light, as there are only so many things you can fit into a caravan, no matter how well designed it is. That said, it is a good idea to have a few vital caravan spares and caravan accessories with you in case of an emergency. These might include: 

  • Awning spares such as pegs and fixings 
  • Bulbs and fuses – as you never know when one might go and how far away from civilisation you might be 
  • Toilet chemicals and toilet paper 
  • Towing mirrors 
  • Fire extinguisher 
  • First aid kit 
  • Spare batteries 

It’s also wise to have the name of a caravan spares supplier at hand, in case anything breaks or needs replacing. 

Bookmark this article or print it out and use the check boxes to help you prepare for your next caravan adventure. Wishing you happy and safe travels from Caravan Crazy – a leading supplier of caravan spares and caravan accessories. 

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