If you’re new to the sport of shooting or are considering taking it up and just want to know what equipment is involved, read on to learn more about the shooting accessories all beginners need. 

First and foremost, before you can even consider the gun, you’ll need to ensure you have the correct licence. The UK has very strict gun laws and in order to own, use or buy a firearm, you must have the relevant certificate. This will either be a firearm or a shotgun certificate, depending on what the gun you want to buy is classified as. It’s important that you know this first as it is illegal to own or use a firearm under a shotgun licence and vice versa to own or use a shotgun under a firearm licence.  Contact the local firearms licensing unit of your local police force to find out what the fees are and get an application form. 

Once your licence is sorted and you’ve purchased the correct firearm, it is time to think about the shooting accessories you will need to enjoy this sport safely.  Let’s look at some of the most popular items: 

Gun licence wallets 

shooting accessories - gun licence wallet

Whilst showing your gun licence when you attend a shoot is not required by law, some clubs may not allow you to participate unless they have seen you have the correct certificate. That’s why it makes sense to carry your gun licence with you when taking part in a shoot.  As you’ll be shooting in all weather, it’s best to keep the licence safe and dry by using a gun licence wallet. 

Shooting ear defenders

shooting accessories - ear defenders 

The relevant safety kit is essential to participate in this sport. To protect your ears from the sounds of guns being discharged a good pair of shooting ear defenders are a great investment. Choose a pair that are comfortable to wear and also fold for easy storage and transportation. 

Recoil shoulder pads 

recoil shoulder pad

Another piece of safety equipment you might like to invest in is a recoil shoulder pad. This helps to absorb and spread the recoil. Choose one that is suitable for you as a left handed or right handed shooter, or that can be reversed, and also one that can be worn over the top of or underneath clothing, to enable you to conform to any dress codes. 

Cartridge belt 

shooting accessories - cartridge belt

A cartridge belt is the quick and stylish way to access cartridges easily when you are shooting. Remember to take note of the sizes so you can get a belt which fits and also the cartridge capacity, as these may vary depending on the style of the belt. 


hip flasks

When you’re in need of refreshments, a good flask or hip flask is the must-have of all luxury shooting accessories. Choose from flasks with numbered cups to easily designate to each shooter, or leather hip flasks to enjoy a quick nip on a bracing morning.

Shooting accessory gifts

If you are looking to buy a present for someone who has recently taken up shooting as a pastime then you might be wondering what you can get them that will help them enjoy the sport, without you really having to know anything about it yourself.

Consider the following shooting accessory gifts as these are ideal for beginners, who might not have all the kit they need yet:

  • Flask and cups for shooting refreshments
  • Cartridge grip stick to easily pick up spent cartridges without having to bend down!
  • Clicking tally counter to easily track the number of shots you’ve made on the day
  • Folding seat to enable you to take a breather
  • Shotgun cleaning kit – to clean your shotgun after each shoot

If you’re new to shooting or looking for gifts for beginners, there’s a great selection of shooting accessories on the Roxtons website.

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