Bags may sound like an insignificant part of your wardrobe, but your choice of bag doesn’t just affect your look, it can also be the difference between being prepared and having a bad day! With so many styles, sizes and materials to choose from, finding the right bag can be daunting, especially if you’re trying to revamp your wardrobe, setting out into the world of work for the first time or planning your first overseas holiday without your parents. 

Whilst it may be true that you can never have too many bags, unless you have a bottomless wallet and limitless storage space you may be better off making a few wise choices, so here’s some advice to help you find the best bag to suit your needs.  

Luggage bags for holidays 

The type of luggage bag you need for your holiday will very much depend upon where you are going, how you are getting there and how long you’ll be staying. 

luggage bags for holidays

Carry on bags – If your travel itinerary involves flying then you’ll need to think about having a durable case or holdall to go in the hold plus a carry-on bag that meets the necessary requirements. You’ll need to check with your airline beforehand as each has their own limits on how much hand luggage you can carry on board. In general, a good size for a carry-on luggage bag is no bigger than 55cm x 40cm x 20cm with the bag weighing no more than 8kg when packed.  

weekend bag

Weekend bags – if your bag will not be subject to airport baggage handling and you are just going away for a few days, then you might like to pick a weekend bag to pack your clothes and essentials. Weekend bags tend to be made from fabric such as canvas and feature carry handles to make loading and unloading from the car, bus or train easier. Choose one with an internal zip pocket if you have travel documents or valuables you want to keep safe. 

Handbags and briefcases for a day at the office 

If you’re heading back into the office a few times a week, following a period of working from home, you’ll probably find you’ll be hot desking, which means you may need to carry a laptop or other essential items into work with you. Investing in a good briefcase, laptop bag or handbag will ensure you not only look the part but can easily transport your working essentials to and from the office. 


Briefcases – if you need to transport paperwork and accessories as well as a laptop then you’re going to need something bigger than a computer sleeve and with more compartments, so a briefcase is the practical choice. No longer an outdated fashion statement used by city gents, today’s modern briefcases are stylish and relaxed looking making them the perfect multipurpose bag.

laptop bag 

Laptop bags – to compliment your sleek and slick office attire, a slim laptop bag or sleeve adds a perfect yet practical finishing touch. Remember to check the size of your laptop before buying a bag to ensure it will fit and also check whether there is room for accessories such as your charging cable, mouse and mouse mat.  

leather handbag

Handbags – whilst a small cross body bag is perfect for a night on the town it probably won’t be big enough to carry all your workday essentials. Opting for a larger tote bag or leather handbag can work really well with your workwear wardrobe, enabling you to bring style and colour to your outfits whilst allowing you to carry around everything you might need for a day at the office (and plenty of things you won’t!).  

Rucksacks for day trips  


If you’re heading out for day trip adventures, a walk around the countryside or a jaunt into town you can’t go far wrong with the versatile and practical rucksack. Designed to enable you to carry the weight of everything you need on your shoulders, to free up your hands, it’s the perfect bag for exploring. 

Emergency shopping bags 

shopping bags

We’ve all been there, you get to the checkout with all good intentions of not needing a 10p plastic bag and thereby doing your bit to save the environment, before realising you left your bags for life on the kitchen worktop. If you can find a reusable shopping bag that folds up neatly and fits into your everyday handbag or coat pocket then you’ll always have an eco-friendly bag ready for those emergency groceries you suddenly need whenever you pop out for a pint of milk. 

When it comes to choosing the perfect bag it’s easy, just think about where you’ll be using it, how often and what for. Shop around if you’re fussy about colours and style or browse in store if you want to get a feel of the fabrics and finishes. Roxtons are a clothing and lifestyle retailer offering a wide range of luggage bags, leather bags and handbags from their online store, where you can browse to find styles and sizes to suit your needs. 

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