Jewellery is collected for many reasons, from occasionwear handpicked by yourself, bespoke jewellery gifted to us and family heirlooms passed down from generation to generation. Such delicate treasures require delicate care, which is why it is essential to work with a specialist on jewellery repair. Otherwise, you don’t want to risk putting such a sentimental piece in unreliable hands.

If you are looking to enquire about jewellery repairs, consider a specialist in a jewellery repair workshop. Here’s why:

Expert Knowledge

When visiting a specialist in a jewellery repair workshop you can expect them to be up to date with their knowledge of jewellery design and care. They will have a professional understanding on how to work with different types of metals, finishes and stones of different sizes and ages. If your jewellery is a particularly unique piece, a jewellery specialist should know where to go to find out about it.

Equipped for the Job

Visiting a jewellery repair workshop means they will be equipped for most jewellery repairs, with the right tools at the ready. Trained and experienced specialists will have a selection of tools which work on a variety of metals and stones and they will understand how to use them to achieve the desired results.

Jewellery Repair

Years of Experience

After years of experience working in a jewellery repairs workshop, they begin to pick up a lot of skills and will have worked with a wide portfolio of jewellery. Therefore when you arrive with your accessories, you can expect that they have worked on a similar jewellery repair before. They can also guide you through the repair process and possible results.

Jewellery Remodelling

If your jewellery is beyond repair, some jewellers can advise you on possible remodelling ideas. This will allow you to repurpose some metal or stones which are not damaged beyond repair to create a whole new accessory with them. For example, a diamond necklace can be remodelled into a beautiful brooch or bracelet. A multi-stone ring can be remodelled into a pair of earrings and matching pendant necklace.

Jewellery Repair Workshop

Jewellery Services

When visiting an inhouse jewellery repair workshop it may also spark some inspiration on what you can do with your accessories beyond jewellery repairs. Some workshops may also sell bespoke jewellery, commission pieces and offer jewellery remodelling services.

If you are looking for a specialist working at an inhouse jewellery repair workshop, visit Allen Brown Jewellery, located at the Heart of the Country Village in Lichfield.

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