Darts is a sport that is both played professionally and enjoyed recreationally around the world. In the UK, darts is a traditional pub game, enjoyed amongst friends and played as part of local leagues and tournaments. Many darts players like to play and practice at home, which means having the necessary darts and darts equipment. If you are shopping for home equipment, here are 5 things to consider when you buy darts online.

1.Darts Brand

If you are new to playing darts but have long been a fan of the sport, you will be familiar with the tour players and world champions. What you might not realise, is that these players work in collaboration with some of the world’s biggest darts brands to produce darts that incorporate designs, shafts, tips and flights to complement their throwing style. You can therefore emulate your favourite players by choosing darts designed and endorsed by them. Just remember to check the details such as the weights and tips to make sure they meet your own preferences.

2.Your Budget

Darts are available for a wide range of budgets, and whilst you will expect to pay more for the latest season darts or those designed and endorsed by your favourite players, you can also get a bargain when buying darts online. Whether you are a beginner or a local darts league player, look out for sales, clearances and special offers from online darts stores and you can enjoy great prices on top brand darts and darts equipment.

3. Weight of Darts

When buying darts online, remember that you cannot try them out, to see how they feel in your hands. This means, you need to have a rough idea of the weight of darts you like to play with. If you are a seasoned player, you’ll probably know the weight which best complements your throwing style, but if you are new to darts here are a few guidelines when choosing the best weight:

  • Beginners often find it easier to start with heavier darts as this supports a more relaxed throw.
  • Lighter darts tend to suit those who put more effort into the throw, and are thus often favoured by professionals.
  • The lighter the dart, the faster you have to throw.

Also, remember to check where on the barrel the weight is. Some are heavier towards the front, others towards the back, so consider which would best suit your throwing style.

4.Dart Tips

Most dart brands produce darts with either steel or soft tips. It’s really important to consider what type of dartboard you will be using before you choose your dart tips. Steel tip darts are for use on bristle or paper dartboards, whereas soft tips are designed to be used on digital or plastic dartboards.

5.Dart Flights

Dart flights come in a range of sizes, shapes and textures, so to the beginner, choosing the right flight might seem daunting. Here’s a quick guide to some of the main shapes and why you should choose them:

  • Standard – great for beginners as they have a larger area to give maximum leverage to the flight area and stabilise the dart in the air
  • Kite shaped – give a faster flying speed
  • Slim – designed for fast flying darts and great if you want to throw harder

Dart flights also come in different weights and materials. Remember that smoother flights have less drag through the air.

Where to buy darts online

There are many online retailers offering a wide variety of darts to suit everything from beginners to professional players.

To find your perfect darts, try the Double Top Darts Shop, where you can order online or click and collect from their Wokingham warehouse.

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