It is estimated that there are around 780,000 touring caravans and motorhomes in current use in the UK and that Britain is the biggest nation of caravan lovers. With this in mind, it’s not surprising that there is a huge demand for caravan spare parts and accessories to help ensure the 2 million caravan and motorhome holidays that take place each year in the UK can do so without a hitch (pardon the pun!).

If you are new to caravanning and are wondering where to go should you need replacement parts, upgrades or accessories, the internet is a wonderful resource. So here are our 5 reasons why you should buy your caravan spare parts online:

Large range

When shopping in a leisure store or even onsite at a caravan park you might not find the exact brand or size of part you are looking for. By shopping online for your caravan spares you’ll have access to a huge range of parts and accessories from all the leading manufacturers. This ensures that you can get the exact parts you need, which is important, particularly when it comes to items such as caravan windows that need to fit the exact measurements.

Competitive prices

When shopping online for anything, it is often a great way to take advantage of the best prices available. Online retailers don’t have the same overheads as those with stores to maintain so can often pass on these cost savings in the form of better prices for the customer. You can also look out for special offers, sales and introductory discounts to make your purchases a little cheaper.

Fast delivery

You may be put off from shopping online for your caravan spare parts because you need them in a hurry and don’t want to wait weeks for delivery. However, many online parts retailers offer a speedy delivery service because at the end of the day they have to compete with other retailers and also because they understand that you might need these parts quickly so as to not disrupt your holiday plans. Of course, it makes sense to check your caravan or motorhome for any issues within plenty of time before your next trip to ensure you can order any replacement parts and fit them ahead of your start date.

Easy comparison

The great thing about shopping online is the ease with which you can compare parts from different retailers. By opening multiple browser tabs and searching for the spares you require you can easily compare criteria such as price, delivery times and availability to get what you need when you need it.

Help and advice

You might think that shopping in a store is the best way to access expert help and advice on the caravan spare parts you are looking for, but actually your best option might be shopping online. In store you might find a helpful retail assistant who can find what you are looking for but they may not have the in-depth knowledge of the brand, caravan make or model the part is for.

Using an online retailer, you can call, email or use live chat to speak with their experts. If the person you are communicating with doesn’t know the answer, chances are someone in their team will do and they can put you in touch or relay a response quickly and easily. It might be something simple such as locating the right replacement light bulb or a more complex query to find out why your caravan taps aren’t working and what replacement parts you might need to fix the issue. Whatever the problem, try asking online and you might be surprised at the prompt and precise response you receive.

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