With the summer just around the corner and staycations more popular than ever you might be thinking about taking a break in your touring caravan. If this will be your first trip of the season, it’s time to seek out those top caravan cleaning tips and get your cleaning products, brushes and hose ready to transform your caravan ahead of your next break. 

To help you get your caravan clean for your next excursion and to save you some time and money, here are some top caravan cleaning tips: 

When should you clean your caravan? 

It’s a good idea to clean your caravan when you get it out of storage and before you start the new touring season. Try to avoid cleaning your caravan on a really sunny day as it will dry too quickly and leave streaks. 

What not to do:

Before sharing our top caravan cleaning tips, here are a few things we recommend that you DON’T do! 

  • Don’t use a pressure washer or steam cleaner as it might damage the seals 
  • Don’t use car or motorhome shampoo as they may contain mild abrasives which might scratch your caravan. The same goes for household cleaners 
  • Don’t wash over graphics that are peeling or bleeding as you’ll probably make them worse 
  • Don’t wear clothing with protruding zips or sharp edges as you might scratch the caravan as you lean over to clean it 

Essential caravan cleaning products and equipment 

You don’t have to invest in lots of expensive equipment to keep your caravan clean, just some hot water, caravan cleaning products and the right brushes and cloths are a good place to start. Make sure you’ve got the following in stock before you start the cleaning process: 

  • Hose and/or buckets of warm water 
  • Sponge or mitt 
  • Ladders 
  • Caravan cleaner 
  • Polish
  • Wax or after wash protector 
  • Microfibre cloths 

How to clean your caravan 

Before you get your hose out and start spraying, make sure your caravan is in a good position so that you can easily get around it to reach all the surfaces. If you pitch it at a slight angle, it will allow the water to run off the roof.  Never walk on the roof,  but instead use ladders and move gradually around the caravan to clean the roof in stages. It makes sense to start from the top and work your way down, so clean the roof first and allow the dirty water to run off before you clean the sides and other surfaces. 

Before applying any cleaning products use water to hose off any major dirt, dust and debris as this will prevent it from getting stuck in your cleaning cloths and scratching the surfaces. Then, use a specialist caravan cleaning product to clean the caravan in stages, rinsing off each section before moving on.  

After cleaning you can use caravan polish to leave the surfaces looking brighter and cleaner and to polish out any small marks or scratches. Once the polish has been left to work for the recommended time, buff with a clean cloth.  

Once you’ve cleaned and polished, it’s time to apply a wax or after wash protector to help prolong your hard work and give a protective, water-resistant coating to your caravan.   

How to clean caravan windows and skylights 

Caravan windows are delicate and can be easily scratched so take extra care when cleaning your windows and skylights. It’s advisable to rinse your windows first to wash off any debris and then apply a product suitable for acrylic windows using a microfibre cloth.  

Don’t forget the inside! 

Once the outside of your caravan is gleaming, the job isn’t quite over as you’ll also need to clean the inside. This might include vacuuming the carpet and upholstery, cleaning kitchen and bathroom surfaces with antibacterial cleaner and using window cleaner to clean the insides of the windows. Dust down the shelves and other surfaces and try using scented sachets and air fresheners to neutralise any smells that have developed as your caravan has been stored over the winter. 

Outside and inside are now ready for you to take that trip, so enjoy your travels! 

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