Finding the best kinds of dart flight might seem like a minefield. Foldable flights, standard or slim flights, textured, smooth – the list goes on. But choosing the perfect fit for you doesn’t need to be tricky. If you’re new to playing darts, you might be wondering what’s what. Here, we take you through exactly what you need to know when choosing dart flights.

What the dart flight does

Before we look at the types of dart flight, let’s take a look at its job. Essentially, a flight is the small aerodynamic shape that sits on the back of a dart. Its main goal is to provide stability to the dart when it’s thrown.

The difference between standard and slim dart flights

Standard dart flights are perhaps the most common type. Loved by darting gurus around the world, they’re often used if you prefer to throw your darts with less force. They are also most often used on steel-tipped darts, if your darts are heavy or if they have long shafts.

Slim dart flights are usually used on lighter darts and if you like a harder throw. Because slim flights are usually lighter, they require a harder, faster throw to stick to the board.

Smooth vs textured

Whether you go for smooth or textured dart flights all depends on how much drag you want. Smooth dart flights often experience less drag, and fly through the air much quicker. On the other hand, textured flights will experience a lot more drag. Making small tweaks to the type of texture or shape can have a significant effect on how your darts act in the air. Most of all, don’t be afraid to play around with shapes and textures to find the type of flight that’s right for you!

Choices aplenty

There are lots of other favourite flight shapes, such as the kite. Offering a significant surface area but still relatively short, kite shaped darts are perfect for those who like some extra lift while staying in control. Others include pear dart flights, fantail flights, vortex flights and many more. Ultimately, it’s a case of testing different types of flight out, and seeing what works best with your style.

What are dart flights made of?

Tough in nature, stiff in flight and extremely durable, nylon flights are perhaps the most popular. Others use plastic polymers – both hard and soft. While dart flights made from plastic polymers are durable, once they’re broken they are not easily repaired.

How your flights look

One of the most exciting things about dart flights, is the huge range of styles and colours they come in. While the artwork on your flights has little bearing on your performance, it does give you the perfect opportunity to show off your darts personality!

Lesson? Flights are important

Whatever type of flight you choose, it’s key to remember it can make or break your game. Try a few out, get a feel for your style, and most of all, have fun!

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