Have you enjoyed a summer filled with barbecue dinners, garden parties and evening garden drinks? As we enter autumn, restore your garden to a tidy state with our barbecue cleaning tips, as well as general advice on kitchen cleaning and gardening. Alternatively, consider local cleaning companies for an end of summer home deep clean.

How to Clean a Barbecue

Don’t let an unclean barbecue dampen your summer of garden parties! If you are looking to wash your barbecue by hand, some food residue will loosen easier while your barbecue is still hot. Please be cautious while cleaning a hot barbecue and wear protective wear where necessary. Whilst your grill is still hot, we recommend splashing some distilled white vinegar onto some kitchen towel, and using your BBQ tongues to safely wipe down the grill.

Once your barbecue has cooled down and is safer to handle, use a combination of washing up liquid and hot water to clean the rest. For debris that won’t clean away, shop for a dedicated BBQ cleaner.

To reduce the risk of your grill rusting, dry it as soon as you have finished cleaning. Also don’t forget to wipe down other areas of the barbecue, including side tables, as these can get dirty quickly too.

Kitchen Cleaning

If you have people going in and out of your house, drinks displayed ready to be poured and burger bun crumbs everywhere from last weekend it’s time for a seasonal clean. This could also be a good opportunity for you to inspect the expiry dates on your foods, as you might have bought a lot of groceries for summer specific plans which weren’t used. Once everything has been checked and tidied back into its designated space, it’s time to tackle bacteria.

General kitchen cleaning should include wiping down your work tops with washing up liquid and water, emptying your bin, wiping down cupboard doors, as well as cleaning your fridge, microwave and oven. Creating a schedule on how often to complete each task will make it easier for you to create a routine and keep your kitchen in the best condition.

If your social calendar or work schedule leaves you with little time to routinely clean your home, consider looking for domestic cleaning services with local cleaning companies. Local cleaning companies offer a range of cleaning services, including taking care of your kitchen! With professional help, you can be reassured that your home is kept clean while you continue with your daily life.

Maintaining Your Garden

Throughout the year, it’s nice to look out at your garden. General garden maintenance would include grass cutting, removing weeds, trimming hedges and ensuring your plants are watered and well looked after.

However, during the colder seasons it can be tempting to choose a cosy seat in front of the TV over a cold afternoon of cutting the grass! Local cleaning companies offering domestic cleaning services may also offer gardening assistance, such as grass cutting, weed pulling and driveway cleaning. 

Enquire about Domestic Cleaning Services

If you are looking for local cleaning companies, consider us at Domestique. We offer a range of domestic cleaning services to help you maintain your home and garden. For more information, please visit our website.

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