Subscription boxes have been growing in popularity in the UK over recent years and have positively surged during Covid-19 lockdowns as consumers look for creative ways to stock up on their favourite treats and everyday products. You can get all sorts of things delivered regularly in a box to your doorstep, including healthy treats and toys for your dog. They might be your best friend and the one thing that has kept you going during these difficult times but are dog treat subscription boxes really worth it or should you just stick to your supermarket bought treats? 

Let’s do a little digging and see what makes these monthly treat boxes viable. 

Healthier treats 

If you care about your dog’s diet and want to keep them as healthy as possible then you’ll probably already be aware of healthier alternatives to mass produced dog treats. Healthy dog treats are generally made with choice meat cuts and natural ingredients. They aren’t packed with fattening fillers or suspicious ‘animal derivatives’ and actually look quite appetising, even to the human eye!  

Most dog treat boxes contain these healthier alternatives, so you can treat your dog or reward them for mastering a new trick with treats that are guilt free. Healthy dog treats tend to be packed with nutrients and vitamins and can actually play a role in improving your dog’s immune system, cardiovascular system, skin and coat health. If you want to be able to treat your dog without worrying about what’s inside the treat, subscribing to a monthly healthy treat box may be a great way to stay informed about your pooch’s diet. 

Better availability 

Whether you shop online or instore at a supermarket, it isn’t always easy to get away from the big brand, mass produced dog food to find more artisan treats that have been made with love and care for their animal consumers. If you are struggling to find healthy treats that your dog actually enjoys in your weekly shop, then a dog treat subscription box is one of the easiest ways to keep your cupboards well stocked and ensure you don’t run out of their favourite treats. 

More Variety 

You might think your dog is happy eating the same thing day in day out, and for the most part, when it comes to their regular food, it makes sense to stick to something that suits them. Treats, however, are only given in small amounts, so can be varied to help make your dog’s diet more interesting. If you struggle to find a good selection of treats when shopping at the supermarket or local grocery store then you might benefit from a dog treat subscription. By subscribing to a regular delivery, you can expect to receive healthy and tasty dog treats in the post every month or at your chosen frequency. Most treat subscription services offer a variety of different treats every month so your dog can sniff out their favourite. 

Great for sensitive stomachs or weight loss 

Some dogs are prone to digestive issues. They may be born with a sensitive stomach or develop digestive problems due to other health issues, allergies or intolerance to certain ingredients. If your dog suffers with stomach issues then it is really important to know exactly what they are eating and what goes into their food. Whilst you will probably scrutinise the packaging until you find a food that suits them, how many times do you actually check what’s in their treats? Some treats are packed with fillers and artificial flavours which can irritate sensitive stomachs, so it makes sense to opt for healthy alternatives made with gentle ingredients such as chicken that are kinder to pooches with delicate digestion. Dog treat boxes that you can order online and which clearly display the ingredients give you much more control over your dog’s diet. 

The same goes for dogs that are overweight. Mass produced, shop bought treats often contain high levels of fat, which when combined with your dog’s daily food, may tip them over the calorie count that is ideal for them to lose any excess weight. Choosing low fat treats that are made with 100% natural ingredients and quality cuts of meat can help you to control your dog’s weight. Many subscription boxes will feature low calorie, low fat treats so you can still reward a portly pooch without worrying you are encouraging weight gain. 

Ultimately, yes, dog treat subscription boxes may be more expensive than shop bought treats, but there are so many advantages to signing up to regular treat deliveries. You might not be able to stop your dog from sniffing out half a sandwich that has been discarded in the hedge outside the local secondary school or prevent them from finding fish and chip wrappers at the park and consuming the scraps (and sometimes the paper), but you can be in control of what they eat at home. This is where subscribing to a regular treat box is most advantageous, as it keeps you informed about what your dog is consuming and helps you keep them healthy. It might be slightly more costly than buying cheaper, artificial treats, but seeing your dog happy and healthy will surely be worth it? 

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