It’s not too late to get your caravan ready for the winter as you never know just how late in the season ice, snow and plunging temperatures might occur. If you didn’t have the chance to carry out your caravan winter preparation before Christmas, now is the time to undergo a few simple tasks and checks ahead of storing your caravan until the spring.  Following these tips will not only bring you peace of mind that your caravan is safe and secure in the winter months but it might also save you hassle and expense when you want to bring it back into service as the better weather arrives.  

1.Drain the water system 

You won’t be needing to use water in your caravan whilst it is being stored and leaving water in the system is just asking for trouble when the temperatures fall, so it is safest to drain the system completely. As this can take a little while, it’s the perfect task to start with as you can begin draining the system and then move on to the next tasks whilst you wait for it to empty.  

Leave your inside taps open to stop pressure build up and remove the caps from your water carrier to allow ventilation, just remember to store the caps safely somewhere close by so you can easily find them next season! 

2.Drain and clean the toilet 

Empty the toilet and drain the flush tank. You can also use a water tank cleaner to prevent build up of pollutants during storage. Now is also a good time to give your toilet a thorough clean and use a cassette cleaner to remove any stubborn deposits from the toilet cassette. If your caravan is going to be stored for a long period of time it’s worth remembering that the blade inside the cassette can get stuck against the rubber seal, so use either a specially designed spray or a little olive oil to prevent corrosion. 

3.Clean the interior 

It’s amazing how much stuff you accumulate over the spring, summer and autumn months whilst touring around, and we don’t just mean knick knacks and furnishings but also dust, dirt and grime! When preparing a caravan for winter it’s really important to give the interior a thorough clean and tidy up. This might include: 

  • Removing cushions and upholstery and storing them safely at home 
  • Vacuuming all floors and carpets 
  • Cleaning all the surfaces  
  • Emptying the fridge and freezer, cleaning out and leaving the door ajar so air can circulate 
  • Emptying the cupboards of any perishable items, cleaning and drying out the insides to prevent damp from forming 
  • Emptying all waste bins 
  • Removing towels and bed linen and taking home to clean and store ready for the new season 

It’s also a good idea to leave moisture traps in your caravan to soak any excess moisture out of the air to prevent your interiors from damp damage. 

4.Close windows and vents 

Lubricating the window seals before you close up for the winter can help to ensure they don’t stick when you come to use them again. Once this is done, make sure all the windows are securely shut and that vents are closed but so that air can still circulate. This is important as air circulation will help prevent dampness. 

5.Clean the exterior  

Though some people prefer to wait until spring, if you clean your caravan exterior now, you will remove any dirt and debris that could scratch or damage the bodywork over the winter. Make sure you use appropriate caravan cleaning products as these will have been specifically designed for caravan bodywork and windows. 

6.Store gas and batteries 

As part of your caravan winter preparation it’s advisable to remove any gas cylinders and store them in a cool, dry place. You can also do the same with your 12V battery, unless it’s connected to a caravan alarm system. 

7.Remove valuables 

Whether you are taking your caravan into an approved storage supplier or leaving it on your driveway over the winter, it makes sense to remove any valuables, particularly if you are not using a cover. 

8.Cover and store 

If you choose to cover your caravan, make sure you opt for one that is made from breathable material as this will allow the air to circulate and prevent condensation and mould from forming. Make sure to store your caravan on level ground and rest the corner steadies on blocks or pads. You can also use a wheel chock or wooden block to prevent the wheels from moving and if you’re going to be storing your caravan for a long period of time, visit from time to time and turn the wheels to prevent flat spots. 

Now you have followed all the steps for preparing a caravan for winter, it’s time to sit back and plan your next adventure! 

Caravan Crazy can help in your caravan winter preparation by providing cleaning products, water, waste and electrical spares and replacement windows. 

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