Clothing makes the perfect new baby gift. Babies can get through many changes of clothing in just one day so it always helps to have enough babygrows, vests and outfits at hand ready for any eventuality. With so many choices of gorgeous baby clothes out there you may easily find what you are looking for, but once you have purchased the gift, how do you wrap it up so it looks as beautiful when opened as it did when it first caught your eye?  

How to gift wrap baby clothes using wrapping paper 

  1. Fold the item of clothing up so that it resembles a square or rectangular shape, as this will make it easier to wrap.  Most baby clothes only need to be folded once as they are too small for multiple folds, however it is easiest to tuck the legs and arms into the middle so they don’t fall out whilst you are trying to wrap the item. 
  2. Place your clothing item into the middle of the sheet of wrapping paper and ensure you have enough paper at the top and bottom to fit fully over the item and at least two fingers width at either side of the item. 
  3. Place some double sided tape at the top edge of the wrapping paper and fold it over to make sure it meets the bottom end of your item on the paper. Then fold it back.
  4. Fold the bottom edge of the paper as far as it will go over the item and hold in place, whilst folding the top edge over the item and on top of this bottom edge.  Peel off the double sided tape and seal, so it is just the sides that are left open.
  5. Take one side and fold the paper up, then repeat on the other side.  Cut off a small triangle in the corners of both sides where you have folded and cut off any excess paper from the folded section. Then you can apply double sided tape to each side and fold over neatly to complete your parcel.  

To give your parcel a little added luxury, fold and wrap in tissue paper first before you gift wrap the item, and finish with colour co-ordinated ribbon. 

How to wrap baby gifts in a box 

This is the easy option, especially if you want to include more than one item or things that are more difficult to wrap such as booties and mittens.  Simply choose either a ready decorated box, or a plain one and gift wrap it yourself. 

You can then adorn the box with your own, baby-related or themed elements such as tissue paper clouds, felt hearts or items you have cut out from old greeting cards or magazines. You could even stick a little gift such as a rattle or a teething ring to the outside of the box to give it added appeal. 

Buy gift wrapped baby gifts 

Of course, the simplest option when choosing a baby gift is to opt for one that comes ready wrapped. Some retailers will offer you options for gift wrapping and even personalised greeting cards when you get to the checkout, so if you are stuck for time, or worried that you won’t be able to get to the post office to send your parcel, this could be a very attractive option.  

For a small additional fee, you can choose to have your chosen items gift wrapped in a variety of styles including using tissue paper and coloured ribbon and you can specify the address and who you want the gift sent to. This really does make it very easy for you as the sender, as all you need to do is decide what you want, how you want it wrapped and whether you want to include a personalised card and your chosen baby retailer will do the rest for you. 

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