Home cinema rooms may have once been exclusive to the rich and famous, but now, they’re far more accessible than ever before. However, a home cinema installation isn’t always as easy as plug and play. Planning and preparation are the two secret ingredients to ensure your home cinema installation is as showstopping as it can be, and the team here at Veritais are on hand to help.

The don’ts for home cinema rooms

1. Don’t put the screen too high

The only way you can get fully immersed in the action is if you’re comfortable. When the screen is too high, it can be tricky to get comfortable. The centre of the picture should be at eye level – this will mean you can comfortably watch from all angles without a cricked neck.

2. Don’t rush into buying home cinema equipment

It’s easy to go online and buy a load of home cinema equipment to install yourself. But with an increasing number of fake reviews out there, it’s impossible to know if what you’re buying is quality. It’s also tricky to know whether a certain piece of equipment is right for your room, meaning you could spend a lot of money before having to redo the whole thing professionally. Rather than buying equipment blind online, get in touch with a professional home cinema installation company, who can get it right from the beginning.

3. Don’t get the wrong sized screen

It can be tempting to go for the biggest home cinema screen you can. But if an image is too big, it can be difficult to see what’s going on across the whole screen. On the other hand, if a home cinema screen is too small, you could find yourself squinting to see the action. Opt for a screen that’s a comfortable size for you and the room that will house it.

4. Don’t overspend on one element of your home cinema installation

You might be keen to have the biggest, best screen you can – which is great. But if you have a limited budget and want a fantastic home cinema, you need to take all elements into account. For the best overall home cinema, spread your budget evenly rather than skimping on elements you might not think are important. You’d be surprised how much difference your sound system makes, for example. Working with home cinema installation specialists will help you choose the ideal systems to suit your budget.

The dos for home cinema

1. Choose the darkest room in the house for your home cinema rooms

The best home cinema rooms are often the ones that are in the darkest parts of your home. While most of us are usually trying to find more ways to get more natural light in our properties, natural light can have a detrimental effect on movie viewing. If you can’t find a dark spot in your house, investing in blackout blinds and curtains will be a good way to minimise natural light. 

2. Soundproof the room

Picture this, you’re in your home cinema room at a crucial moment in the film, when the cliff-hanger is interrupted by gurgling from the dishwasher. There are numerous ways to ensure outside sounds don’t ruin your movie watching – from sound proof walls and doors, to solid doors and plush carpets that absorb sound. If you’re unsure about whether your planned home cinema installation is going to be sound proof, check in with an expert first. It’s far more expensive to undo work and redo it, than to get it right the first time.

3. Consider other home cinema room treatments

Home cinema room treatments make the sound from your projections sound even clearer. Think along the lines of diffusers, absorbers, resonance and bass traps. If you’re unsure what kind of home cinema installation tricks to opt for, a professional home cinema company will be able to talk you through the benefits of each option.

4. Avoid glossy surfaces

Although modern glossy furniture, floors and walls can look particularly sleek, it’s not the best option for home cinema rooms. This is because the lights from the screen and any other ambient lighting you have installed will reflect, distracting you while you’re watching. Instead, opt for matt, plain furniture and decor that blends in and absorbs light rather than stands out.

home cinema

5. Consider getting specialist help

Home cinema installation is a specialist trade usually by knowledgeable professionals who will know what will work for your space. They’ll be able to suggest things you haven’t thought of, and do all the planning for you – so you can just sit back, relax and enjoy the film. If you’re looking for a home cinema installation, the team here at Veritais can help. Please contact us on 01827 64688 and we’d be happy to help.

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