If you have a family heirloom that’s simply gathering dust, you may be considering ring remodelling. This has the potential to transform the piece into a new and unique ring that reflects the intricacies of your loved one’s personality. Jewellery can be extremely sentimental, so it’s only natural you’ll be slightly cautious before using a ring remodelling service. We’ve put together a list of the things to consider, read on to find out more.

Incorporate your fiancée’s personality into your ring remodelling

Does your fiancée prefer a minimalist look or something vintage and extravagant? If you’re not sure, take a look at their existing jewellery collection, and if you can, take photos of it to show the jeweller. If you and your partner have any special symbols or stones of significance in your relationship, incorporating them into your ring remodelling can be a romantic and sentimental gesture.

Don’t be afraid to redesign your heirloom with remodelling

Rings can often be tweaked to offer new designs. For example, a single stone solitaire ring could be transformed into a flower by the simple addition of some precious stones around the solitaire, or you could create a trilogy ring with ease.

Ring remodelling can be simple, yet stunning

Ring remodelling doesn’t have to involve creating a completely new design. It can be as simple as replacing lost stones, repolishing or replating metals, or even resizing. Wherever you go for jewellery remodelling, ensuring you work with an experienced and knowledgeable jeweller is essential for getting the high-quality finish you desire.

Remodelling is often cheaper than buying a new engagement ring outright

Obviously, it depends on the degree of modification, but ring remodelling can be cheaper than buying a brand-new engagement ring. What’s more, it is far more personal, since you decide the design and features you want the ring to have. What’s not to love?

Your fiancée will love that you’ve designed a bespoke ring with meaning

Ring remodelling provides the ultimate romantic gesture full of significance. Your fiancée will not simply love the fact you’ve given them a piece of meaningful history, but also that you’ve taken the time to put a new spin on it especially for them.

How does remodelling work?

The process involves working closely with a jeweller who has a high level of knowledge and experience. After the initial consultations with them, they will draw up some ideas. If you like what you see, they’ll get to work bringing your new creation to life. The length of time it takes to complete the ring remodelling depends on the tweaks you’ve made, but the jeweller will give you an estimated time and cost before proceeding.

Ring remodelling in Staffordshire

If you’re looking for an experienced jeweller to remodel a ring for your fiancée, the team at Allen Brown Jewellery can help. With years of experience in the industry and lots of creativity, you can ensure your family heirloom is in safe hands.

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