Darts is a game of skill and accuracy but it is also one of numbers and maths. If the thought of adding up and multiplying off the top of your head all whilst under the pressure of stepping up to the oche is just too much, remember that we are living in the age of technology and an electronic darts scorer could be your best friend. 

Traditionally, every player (or the nominated maths boffin) would record the scores for each dart on the adjacent chalkboard, working out the points for each player and erasing them at the end of every match. Whilst there is nothing wrong with this approach, today’s digital age means we have easy access to a whole host of gadgets and gizmos that admittedly won’t make us throw any better but they might just eliminate the stressful mental maths and give us some useful stats on how to improve our game. 

What is an electronic dart scorer? 

Electronic darts scorers are calculators for darts players, enabling you to enter the score dart by dart, for each player. They are relatively small devices which are easy to carry around with you if you play in local leagues or for fun with friends. 

Why should you use one? 

At the end of the day, as with most darts accessories, whether you use a darts scorer is entirely up to you, but if you’re a little bit tempted, here are a few reasons to make that investment: 

Play all dartboard games with ease 

From 101 – 1001, cricket, shanghai and around the clock, you can enjoy all the different dartboard games with an electronic darts scorer to help you keep track of everyone’s score, or the scores they need to get in each leg. 

Play darts stress free! 

Never again will you be embarrassed in front of your friends, team mates or rivals when you can’t add up your score or work out what you need to checkout. Simply input the score for each dart and let the scorer do the rest! 

Get all the stats you need to improve your game 

Whilst we can’t say that an electronic darts scorer will help your aim, it might give you a few hints to help improve your game. Thanks to statistics on your per throw average and highest achieved checkout you can experiment with different darts, shafts, flights or throwing styles to see what yields the best results. With the darts scorer also able to generate possible finishes, it can help you to understand the many possible variations to get the scores you need, without having to do the maths. 

Play at your level 

With an electronic dart scorer you can input your handicap to help you play at your own level even when you’re up against someone who is much better than you. Once you have worked out your handicap for a certain type of game, this amount is deducted from the total required – so, say you are playing 301 and your handicap is 70 then your total in the darts scorer will be set at 231 instead of 301. 

Eliminate cheating 

Whilst we’re not suggesting there’s a cheat amongst you, it does happen. When you are playing in large teams and relying on each person to calculate their own score, it’s not surprising that you’ll get one or two that might add a few points or just unknowingly miscalculate their score. An electronic scorer ensures a dart by dart scoring process which eliminates these adding up errors and keeps everyone honest. 

Choosing the best darts scorer for you 

If you’re thinking about purchasing a darts scorer it’s worth having a look around to get an idea of the different types of products on the market. They will vary quite a lot in terms of price and functionality, so here are a few things to think about: 

  • How many people will you need to keep score for? Some darts scorers only work for 2 players and others can handle multiple players. 
  • Where will you need to use your darts scorer? If it’s just at home the size and portability probably doesn’t matter much but if you want to cart it around as part of your darts equipment then you’ll need it to be compact enough to easily store and transport. You’ll probably also want a scorer that can run off battery power as opposed to, or as well as being mains powered. 
  • Are you a beginner? If you’re new to darts then you won’t want anything complicated, so look for a scorer with a clear easy display and simple end inputting scores. 
  • What game modes do you want to play? If you just want to play simple games then an X01 dart scorer will probably suffice, but if you want a range of game modes look for a scorer that offers this flexibility. 
  • Are you playing in a league or competitions? If so then you’ll probably want a darts scorer from one of the well known darts brands so you can be sure you’ll get the quality you need. 
  • Will you need to mount the scorer next to your dartboard or in the cabinet? If so, look for a scorer with mounting brackets and be wary of the lead size provided if you have a long way to go to reach the nearest power socket. 

Whatever electronic dart scorer you choose just remember this – you’ll never have to let bad maths get in the way of your enjoyment of this game ever again! 

For darts equipment from all the major brands you can search for Double Top Darts to browse their collection of darts scorers and use the information above to find the best one to meet your needs. 

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