With summer holidays to far flung destinations looking increasingly unlikely due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, 2021 may well be the year of the staycation. Taking a holiday in the UK is the perfect excuse to explore destinations on your doorstep or take a trip to the Great British coast. If you have a caravan, motorhome or campervan, you’ll be itching to hit the road after a year of restrictions, so before you set off here are our pick of caravan and motorhome parts and accessories to make your trip safer, hassle free and more enjoyable.

Roof ventilation

Whether you are refitting an older motorhome, or need a replacement roof vent, this is a job you’ll want to put at the top of your list.  A roof vent allows steam from cooking or showering to escape outside, thus minimising condensation inside your motorhome which could lead to mould build up. It can also help you to regulate the temperature inside by providing you with access to fresh air without having to open the doors or windows.  Choose a roof vent with a flynet and blind to keep critters at bay and the light out at night.

Replacement caravan or motorhome windows

If you get your caravan or motorhome out of storage and notice cracks, scratches or hazing on your windows, it’s time to repair or replace. You may be able to fix small scratches with a product such as Fenwicks Windowize, but deeper scratches, cracks or hazing of the whole window is a sign you need to find a replacement. Remember to measure your windows from window rubber to rubber. Replacement motorhome windows can then be ordered online and fitted easily, just don’t forget your catches and stays.

Entertainment extras

If you’re planning a staycation here in the UK, you’ll need to be prepared for any weather conditions. This means making sure your indoor entertainment such as TV, satellite and radio are fully operational. Before you set off, check everything is working and shop online for antennas, connectors and cables to ensure you can enjoy an evening in front of the television when the inevitable downpour arrives.

Awning accessories

If your motorhome or caravan has an awning, to provide you with extra space, now is the time to make sure there aren’t any rips, tears or missing parts.  Noticing those missing pole clips or suckers now will save you the misery of being unable to erect your awning when you arrive at your destination. It’s also a good idea to reproof the fabric on your awning at the start of the season, to help protect it against the elements for the months ahead.

Chemicals and cleaning

Before heading off on your staycation, in addition to sorting your caravan and motorhome parts and accessories, make sure you have adequate supplies of cleaning products and toilet chemicals.  Products such as waste pipe and tank cleaner, toilet fluid and caravan or motorhome cleaner, which has been developed to remove traffic film, debris and green algae from caravan or motorhome exteriors including acrylic windows, are invaluable additions to your onboard cleaning cupboard. 

Caravan and motorhome safety and security

Finally, if you are going to be travelling around, it makes sense to have the necessary safety and security items to protect you and your motorhome. Before setting off on your next trip, check your fire extinguishers and smoke alarms are in good working order and ensure you have a well stocked first aid kit.

Now that you have all the necessary caravan and motorhome parts and accessories, it’s time to enjoy your staycation and hope that the British weather is kind! 

Caravan Crazy have over 35 years experience in the caravan industry and offer a range of spares and accessories for motorhomes, campervans and caravans from their website www.caravancrazy.co.uk.

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