If you are a wine lover then you will understand the anguish of running out of your favourite tipple. Opening the drinks cupboard on a friday night to find it empty can really ruin your weekend. A simple solution is to sign up for a monthly wine subscription. This is a popular way to keep your favourite bottles in stock and also to try the latest wines, but is a wine subscription really worth the money and better than shopping for individual bottles on an ad hoc basis?  Let’s find out. 

Wine tailored to your budget and tastes 

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your own personal sommelier? A wine professional who understands your tastes and preferences, the favourite foods you want to pair with your wine and who can come up with a selection of bottles for you to enjoy? Well, when you have a wine subscription, this is exactly what you will benefit from. Of course there are lots of different levels of monthly wine subscriptions available, so make sure you choose one where you can have an initial consultation to give you a chance to share your likes, dislikes and willingness to try new wines. 

As well as specifying your taste preferences you can also choose a subscription to suit your budget, making it easier to keep track of your spending and delivering great value for money, as subscription boxes often include more wine for the money than buying the bottles separately. 

Keep the drinks cupboard well stocked 

You never know when you might fancy a glass of your favourite red, or to put a bottle of crisp white wine in the cooler ready to drink on a summer’s day, so keeping your wine rack or drinks cupboard well stocked is the key to being prepared. Subscribing to a monthly wine box will ensure that you don’t run out of your favourite wines. It will also prevent you from having to find drinks to suit your tastes from local shops or supermarkets that simply don’t offer the same selection as online merchants. 

Always be ready to entertain 

With the UK starting to emerge from the national lockdown which was enforced to slow the spread of Covid-19, friends and families are able to gather again particularly outside. This means weekend family barbecues and outdoor dining with friends are back on the agenda. Faced with the prospect of impromptu outdoor entertaining or last minute invites to a family picnic, it pays to be ready with a bottle of wine to hand. This is not a problem to those who subscribe to a monthly wine box, as they will always be ready to entertain. 

Wine delivered to your door 

Perhaps the greatest benefit of a wine subscription is the ease with which you can get your chosen drinks. No more scouring endless labels at the supermarket to find what you are looking for, or driving round the local shops to find a decent wine. With a monthly wine box, you can expect a selection of bottles based on your tastes and preferences to be delivered to your door at regular intervals. 

Great way to try new wines 

Choosing wine can sometimes be overwhelming, particular when shopping online and faced with a huge selection. If you’re not too sure what you like and dislike or are quite open to trying new things, a wine subscription is a great way to taste different vintages, cuvees and wine makers that you wouldn’t normally go for. It can give you insights into the styles of wine, grapes and regions that you prefer and get you hooked on winemakers you haven’t tried before.   

If you’re considering a monthly wine subscription there are lots of online merchants offering this service, including GrapeSmith who offer a personal sommelier monthly wine box starting from just £60. Click here to visit the GrapeSmith website and find out more. 

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