From winter walks in the snow to summer festivals, investing in a good pair of wellies will give you the flexibility to enjoy the great outdoors whatever the weather. From ladies wellies teamed with a summer dress for night time treks to the pub, to mens wellies over a pair of jeans to keep the feet warm when running winter errands, there are just so many occasions for which you’ll be glad you’ve got your wellies. To help justify your investment in a decent pair of these flexible boots, here are a few examples of how you can wear your wellies all year round. 

When it rains, unexpectedly 

You’re just about to go out when the skies open and the British weather does its worst. You’ve got no time to change your outfit so what should you do? Grab a raincoat and slip your feet into your wellies. Take a change of shoes with you for indoor activities safe in the knowledge that your feet will be dry when you get there. 

In between the seasons 

This is pretty much 90% of the time in Britain, as you never really know what you are going to get when it comes to the weather, but at least with a good pair of wellies you’ll be ready for any eventuality. For example, when it’s not cold or snowy enough for full-on snow boots, but you still need something to help you navigate the winter mud and muck, cue the wellies. Or, when a spring or summer evening is ruined by the wind and rain but you still have to go out, cue the wellies. 

Doing the gardening 

When doing the garden you’ll want footwear that is comfortable and keeps your feet dry whilst you’re traipsing through the mud. Wellies are ideal for green fingered pursuits as they help you to keep dirt off the bottom of your trousers and are easy to pull on and off, even if you’ve got muddy hands. 

Walking the dog 

Wellies and dog walks go hand in hand. We all know dogs like mud which means you never quite know where you’re going to end up on a dog walk and if your pooch doesn’t enjoy a swim, you might even have to go ankle deep in the water to help retrieve a ball. Wellies are the perfect foot attire to help you through these wet and muddy situations and when you get back to the house or car you can simply slip them off and leave them in the car boot, the porch or the garage to ensure you don’t traipse dirt through the house (you can just leave that job to your 4-legged friend!). 

Playing in puddles 

Some of the greatest fun you can have as a child is splashing around in the water. Whether it’s a muddy puddle or a stream, when called upon to supervise or even join in the fun you’ll be glad you’ve got your wellies! 

Going to a festival 

Wellies are not only a practical choice for festivals but also a stylish one. Pair your cut off shorts with a decent pair of wellies and you’ve got yourself a cool look that will take you from festival breakfasts around the camp area to singing and dancing by the stage. Plus, if it’s muddy, which it probably will be, you’ll have the best footwear for managing the slippy, boggy terrain. 

On a camping holiday 

No camping wardrobe is complete without a pair of wellies. Whatever the weather you can put up your tent, go to fetch water and explore the local area. Wearing your wellies will be a welcome relief after having your feet in hiking boots all day and you can just leave them in your tent porch area ready to slip on for trips to the bathroom. 

What type of wellies should you buy? 

Of course, it goes without saying that there is a vast difference between a good pair of wellies that will last and a cheap pair of wellington boots that will not see you through the year. When shopping for a pair of ladies’ wellies or mens’ wellies to get you through every season, you’ll want to choose wisely to ensure you’ll still be in the same pair of boots this time next year. 

Look for wellies that are made from natural rubber as these are built to last and choose a neoprene lining as this will help to keep your feet warm and dry. A tightening strap towards the top of the boot is a must, as this will ensure the wellington fits snuggly around the calf and keeps water out. 

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