If you want to be able to play darts at home, you’ll need all the necessary equipment including board, darts and accessories. For those new to the game, it can be daunting trawling through the endless choices, so why not opt for a dart board set instead? This is an all-in-one darts playing solution that encompasses dartboard, darts and accessories. 

Let’s look at the top elements you’ll need to consider when choosing a dart board set, to help you get the right equipment for your playing needs. 

Who is going to be playing? 

Before you rush online to order a dart board set, stop to think about who is going to be playing, so you can make sure you get a board and accessories to accommodate everyone’s game. If it is for yourself, then you’ll know your game level and preferences, but also consider whether your family and friends will be playing. Generally, a bristle board with steel tip darts is ideal for adult beginners as well as competent players who want to practice regularly. 

Where will you be playing? 

It is important to ask yourself where you will be playing darts, so you can choose the right rig to suit the location. Popular choices include spare rooms, garages and garden buildings, but wherever you want to set up your dartboard remember that darts can do damage to walls, floors and furniture. For this reason, consider whether soft tip darts will be better than steel tip darts. Even the best players get bounce backs, and steel tip darts will definitely do more damage to your walls. However, if your board will be on the wall, next to a child’s bedroom for example, then you’ll want to keep the noise down, so consider that a soft tip dartboard is generally noisier than a bristle one. 

Darts cabinet or surround? 

Wherever your plan to hang your dartboard, you’ll want to protect the surrounding wall area around the board from rogue darts and bounce backs. Whether you choose a cabinet or surround will depend on how much space you have on your wall surface and, of course, personal preference. Some players find a cabinet distracting or even space-restricting when opting for double shots, whereas others will prefer a cabinet to shut the board away at the end of the game or to incorporate a score board. 

It’s worth considering that a dartboard surround will help reduce some board noise, if you prefer that ‘openness’ that comes from not having a cabinet. 

Don’t know which darts to choose? 

If you are struggling to choose the best darts for your style of play, or are a beginner to the game, opting for a dart board set (or darts centre as they are sometimes called) will give you all the equipment you need to get started, including two sets of darts suitable for the board supplied. This saves you time on looking at the huge variety of darts on the market, and gives you a chance to practice your game before upgrading to your own choice of darts. 

What does a dart board set include? 

There are lots of different dart board sets available, and ultimately, your choice will probably come down to personal preference, such as your favourite darts brand. In general, most dart board sets will include some or all of these elements: 

  • Dart board 
  • Dartboard cabinet 
  • Lighting  
  • Two sets of darts 
  • Scoring board within the cabinet 
  • Chalk and duster 
  • Oche line 

To complete your set up, you might also want to invest in a mat to protect your flooring from the tips of darts gone astray and an electronic scorer if your dartboard set doesn’t include one or you prefer not to count manually! 

Search online now for dart board sets and choose the right equipment for you to enjoy this fantastic sport. Double Top Darts offer a range of dart board sets, darts and accessories for players at all levels, you can find out more here: www.doubletopdartshop.com.

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