Whether you are new to caravanning or have been happily towing for years, it’s highly likely you will have come across an issue with one of your caravan windows. If you haven’t, lucky you, but it doesn’t hurt to read up on replacing caravan windows just in case you need to do this at some point in the future.  

Before we look at some top tips to help you choose and install replacement caravan windows, let’s first look at the reasons why your windows can become damaged. 

What causes damage to caravan windows? 

Weathering and environment – overexposure to the heat in summer or to extreme cold temperatures during winter, particularly when stored outdoors, can cause caravan windows to crack. 

Transit – high winds during transit, debris coming up from the road or passing branches can cause damage to your caravan windows including cracks and scratches. 

Cleaning – if you use chemicals when cleaning, rather than approved caravan cleaning solutions, then you might cause damage to your windows including scratches and fogging. 

Forced entry – if you are unlucky enough to suffer a break-in attempt on your caravan then the most likely point of entry will be your window. A forced entry may cause the window and mechanisms to break. 

Top tips for ordering your replacement windows 

If your caravan windows are broken or damaged to the point that they are no longer safe or don’t afford you a decent view then it’s time to think about replacing them.  This in itself is a fairly easy DIY job provided you follow a few simple tips. 

Before you order your replacement caravan windows you’ll need to ensure you are ordering the right product, so it’s best to: 

  • Double check the make, model and serial number of your caravan – consult your sales documents if you don’t know this information. 
  • Find out the year your caravan was manufactured – refer to your windows, doors or A frame to find your chassis (VIN) number which includes two digits to denote the year of manufacture. This is really important as some windows will only be suitable for models produced during certain years. 
  • Determine which window needs replacing – is it a front window or a side window? On the left side or the right? 

Once you have this information you’ll need to accurately measure the window that needs replacing. The standard measure for caravan windows is the aperture (cut out) but you may also need the actual window size, so have this to hand when ordering your replacements. 

Replacing your caravan windows 

When your replacement arrives it should be a simple job to install it in place of the damaged window. Firstly, transfer any window furniture such as catches and stays from the damaged window to the new one (provided these are not damaged too). Then remove any protective film and slide the window at a right angle into the rail before attaching the stays to the frame and securing the window in place. 

If you’re not sure whether you are ordering the right replacement windows it is best to get in touch with either the caravan manufacturer or your chosen caravan spares supplier for advice. Once you’re happy with your new window, look after it by using only cleaning products that are suitable for acrylic windows and avoid over exposure to extreme temperatures where possible. 

Caravan Crazy are an online stockist of caravan windows and a wide range of other spares for caravans, motorhomes and campervans. You can find more information and advice on their website caravancrazy.co.uk. 

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