It’s a sure sign winter is upon us when the ground beneath us becomes muddy, icy, and slippery. To help you cope with the somewhat treacherous conditions of the colder months, it’s a good idea to invest in a good pair of boots. Something that will not only give you added grip in the wintry conditions but provide protection when walking and keep your feet warm and dry in the rain, sleet and snow. So just how do you choose the best boots for winter?  Here are a few tips:

Firstly, you’ll need to think about what you need your boots for. Will you be hiking in hilly areas, walking the dog in muddy fields, or doing the school run on icy pavements? Once you have decided what you’ll need your boots for you can find the perfect pair (or pairs!).

Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are incredibly diverse and the first footwear you should reach for when the temperatures start to drop. Easily styled under jeans and trousers or worn with walking trousers with a pair of thick socks, ankle boots are a winter essential.  

If you know you’ll be pounding the pavement or pathways, choose a pair with good soles that will provide you with plenty of grip particularly when you have slippery leaves, snow, or ice underfoot. 

For hiking or walking off road, opt for a sturdy pair of walking boots to give you the grip and ankle protection you’ll need when on uneven terrain. Choose an oiled leather ankle boot or waterproof walking boot to provide protection against winter precipitation and to keep those feet warm and dry. 

If you need a pair of ankle boots to pair with any outfit for every day, then go for boots that have been built to last. High quality leather boots, especially those that have been handcrafted, such as those from RM Williams, should last for years with the occasional clean and polish. 

Long Boots

Long boots are often the fashionable choice in winter, particularly for ladies, as they can be worn with jeans and trousers or paired with dresses for an on-trend winter look. Leather, suede, nubuck or velvet, heeled, flat, lace up or pull on– the options are endless. 


When the Duke of Wellington instructed his shoemaker to adapt the traditional hessian boot into something more practical and made from leather that would work equally as well when riding as when dining in the evening, little did he realise how popular the wellington boot would become! 200 years later, this (now) rubber boot remains both fashionable and practical. 

Most people will own a pair at some point and doing a little research before you buy wellies will ensure you get the most comfortable fit. 

What do you need your wellies for? Whether it’s work wear or festival fashion, there’s a welly boot for you, so consider:

  • Comfort is key and possibly grip too if you are wearing your wellies to work. 
  • If you need an everyday pair of wellies for muddy dog walks, gardening, or family rambles in the countryside, choose a classic style such as Le Chameau wellies that are warm, durable, and of course, waterproof.
  • Comfort is key and possibly grip too if you are wearing your wellies to work. 
  • If seeking wellies to make a statement at festivals and outdoor events choose something that aligns with your own sense of style and opt for bright colours if that’s your thing, just make sure they are waterproof!

And finally, size. You may have heard that you need to buy one size up from your normal size, but this is only true if you plan to wear really thick socks. Otherwise, just choose your normal shoe size as you should get a good fit. 

It is also worth measuring your calf size (take a tape measure around the widest point of your calves) as some high-end wellington boots will come in different calf sizes. The same goes for the height of the boot – full height boots are most popular and offer better protection from brambles, branches and water from puddles however they can be tricky to get on if you have wide calves. Half height wellies sit below the calf and are an option for those with wider calves or when looking for fashionable boots for festivals. Ankle height wellies are great for quickly popping on to do the school run or dashing to the bins in the rain.

If you want to be prepared for every occasion, and with the British weather this is often the most sensible approach, then you can never have too many pairs of boots! From ankle boots to wellies, there are plenty of styles to choose from to suit any occasion and activity.

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