If you live in the UK then chances are you’ll need a coat pretty much all year round. Apart from a few very hot days to enjoy each summer if we’re lucky, the British weather can be unpredictable, often throwing four seasons at us in one day. Therefore, when it comes to planning your wardrobe, one of the most important items is your coat. To help you pick the best women’s coats to accommodate the weather and suit your sense of style, here are a few simple guidelines to follow. 

Always go for quality 

Whether you’re a fashionista or a lover of all things practical, a good coat is an investment and one that you want to get right. If you choose wisely, you’ll have a piece that will last you for years to come. So don’t be afraid to spend a little extra on a high-quality coat, just make sure you do your homework first. This includes: 

  • Reading reviews for the coat in question or for the brand overall to get an idea of the fit, quality and durability. 
  • Reading the descriptions online or the labels in store to ensure that the coat meets your needs in terms of what you’ll be wearing it for. 
  • Checking the label or online description to find out how you need to care for your coat to make it last – can it be machine washed for example? Or does it need any extra care to ensure it remains waterproof? 

A coat for every season 

You might think there is no such thing as a coat for every season, but it can exist. If you opt for a coat that is windproof, waterproof and breathable, you’ll have the comfort and warmth to enjoy the outdoors whatever the weather.  If one coat isn’t enough, think instead about a lightweight coat such as a waterproof parka for the spring and summer months, and an insulated coat with storm cuffs, hood and highly water repellent properties to keep you cosy and dry during the colder months. 

Versatility when choosing coats can never be overstated. You’ll notice celebrities are often pictured wearing the same coat but dressed up differently to suit the occasion. Go for staple colours such as black, grey, camel and olive green. 

Activity-appropriate coats 

When shopping for ladies’ coats, ask yourself is it purely a fashion statement or does it need to serve a purpose? If you need to wear your coat outdoors no matter what the weather, you’ll want to consider a waterproof design and if you’ll be walking or taking part in outdoor activities, something breathable and windproof is also recommended.   

If you need to be able to take a coat with you but not always wear it, consider something lightweight that will pack away, preferably in its own small bag so you can easily keep it with you for whenever the heavens open. 

Best women’s coats for your body type 

Regardless of how practical your coat needs to be, you’ll still want it to look great, so follow these tips to choose the best women’s coats to suit your body type: 

Hourglass – choose a coat with a belt or one that cinches in at the waist to keep the body looking proportionate and show off your curves. 

Pear-shaped – choose a coat that draws attention to the shoulders and makes the legs look longer. Avoid shorter styles; opt for knee-length instead and choose a belted coat if you want to define your waist. 

Apple-shaped – to draw attention away from your waist, choose boxy style coats or those that draw attention to the legs. Opt for a coat that ends at the top of your thighs or choose a colourful bomber jacket or short parka for a cool summer vibe. 

Shop with comfort in mind 

At the end of the day, no matter how stylish you look and how well protected you are from the elements, your coat must be comfortable. What you are really looking for is a coat so comfortable that you forget you are wearing it, or don’t want to take it off. If you shop in store, you’ve got no excuse for overlooking the comfort element but if you shop online, take a little extra time to read the reviews and see what previous purchasers think about the garment before you buy. 

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